About Berkeley Dental

Dedicated to Excellence

Berkeley Dental is a stunning dental practice that provides every level of care, from routine family dental visits to complete cosmetic dental makeovers, including dental implants, veneers, teeth whitening, crowns, bridges, and other cosmetic dental and facial aesthetic techniques. We are located in Downtown Toronto, near George Brown and Ryerson University.

Our Core Values

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    You don't have to put off your dental health due to fear! We are committed to excellence and to making your dental visit comfortable in our modern facility
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    We pride ourselves on the level of comfort and care we provide and our team is our greatest asset, from the first welcome you receive through to specialist care our aims to ensure you are put first.
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    We know how hard it can be to choose a dentist and we know how tough it can be to decide what treatment is right for you, therefore at Berkeley we put your comfort and your well being at the heart of every treatment that we provide.

What We Offer

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    Comfort is Key

    At Berkeley Dental, we take great pride in providing the best care available anywhere. Our staff goes to great lengths to make sure each patient is comfortable and pleased.
  • Wide Range of Services

    We provide more than standard dental procedures. We provide a complete range of preventative, cosmetic, and maintenance services, all in a relaxed setting that will put you at ease the moment you arrive.
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    A Dentist for Your Whole Family

    Everyone’s smile is different. Finding a dentist that can provide excellent care for every member of your family might not be as simple as finding one for yourself only. At Berkley Dental, our team of dental professionals is well-trained, well-experienced, and well-equipped to provide high-quality dental care to your entire family.
  • Student Network Program

    At Berkeley Dental, we are part of the Student Network Program, providing discounts on dental services to the students of various Universities and Colleges. We are located near George Brown College and Ryerson University! Contact us to inquire about your active school dental insurance plan.