5 Things Downtown Toronto Dentists Want You to Know About Teeth Whitening

Almost everyone desires to have white sparkling teeth so that they can lighten up the world with their beautiful smiles. However, it is important to know that teeth whitening is not necessarily for everyone and it is not the only route to whiter teeth. Before you become overwhelmed by an obsession for white teeth, here is a look at some of the things downtown Toronto dentists would want you to know about teeth whitening.

You need a checkup before teeth whitening

It is important to go for a dental exam to ensure your mouth is healthy for the various teeth whitening methods. Oral health issues such as gum diseases and cavities should be looked into before whitening is considered. This is because such issues may cause potential conflicts once the process is commenced, as most teeth whitening methods involve the use of strong agents that will cause pain and sensitivity issues if you have gum diseases or cavities in your teeth.

Go for slow and steady instead of fast and furious

In as much as you may be an immediate-gratification junky who wants instant results, it may not be very good to bleaching your teeth several times in one day using out of office DIY treatments. Most of the downtown Toronto dentists prefer to use special fluoride desensitizing paste before they embark on the actual teeth whitening procedure. This is mainly to avoid discomfort and reduce the instances of sensitivity to your teeth. The process of getting whiter teeth should be slow and steady considering the potential consequences which might ensue if it is rushed.

You can always try home remedies

There are professional home teeth whitening kits you can get from your downtown Toronto dentist which will enable you to have pearly white teeth and they are considered more effective than most of the teeth whitening products you will find in the drug stores. Using in-office laser treatment may be ideal to jumpstart the whitening process, but you need to make it a daily habit until you get the kinds of teeth you want. Besides, home remedies are cheaper and can always work very well with the light-activated procedures.

It is not a one-time affair

If you don’t want to lose the sparkling luster in your teeth, then you will have to observe your teeth whitening routine on a regular basis. It will take commitment to maintaining the white smile and this implies that once you have white teeth, it is not the end of the teeth whitening process.
The sparkling color may fade with time and it will require constant touch-ups at home to keep the glow. However, you should be careful to avoid tooth-whitening products too often because with time, they may erode microscopic amounts of the enamel and this may spell the onset of sensitivity and decay issues amongst other dental complications.
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