Dentures can cost you as much as you would pay as a down payment on a house. However, this does not condemn you to not ever have dentures unless you are rich, and the fact that dental benefits are usually overlooked by most health insurance plans should also not make you lose hope of getting quality dentures to brighten your smile.

Here are a few suggestions by a downtown Toronto dentist on how you can get affordable dentures

Consider dental discount plans

With or without a dental insurance, you can always check out dental discount plans which can supplement or replace dental insurance. With such plans, you will pay a yearly fee in return for discounts every time you visit a dentist for dental care. Good dental discount plans will also make you be entitled to receive affordable dentures with no deductibles or limits.

Take advantage of dental tourism

Unknown to many people the cost of dental care varies considerably from one country to another, with the cost being exceeding high in North America and relatively affordable in South American countries like Mexico and Asia. With dental tourism, you travel to a destination with two primary reasons: to go for vacation and to get cheap dental care.

This is an awesome way to get affordable dentures if you don’t mind traveling. Some top recommended countries are Mexico, China, India, and Thailand. Feel free to consult your downtown Toronto dentist for more information on the cost of dentures. Although dental tourism is a viable option, there are has many risk factors involved. We always recommend receiving treatment at a reputed clinic such as Berkeley Dental in downtown Toronto.

Check out the dental schools

Dental schools are often overlooked when considering affordable healthcare solutions. Perhaps this is due to the fact that most of the practitioners in such places are still students in training and so their competency may be in question. However, if you are willing to act as a test dummy for a dental school undergraduate, you can end up with massive discounts.

You may be particularly lucky if the dental school you visit happens to host postgraduate and staff clinics where you will be in the hands of duly qualified medical practitioners. A further icing on the cake is that to locate dental schools which can treat you to affordable dentures is relatively easy if you are willing to take your time to ask around. Although getting dental work from a dental school is a viable option, we always recommend receiving treatment at a reputed clinic such as Berkeley Dental in downtown Toronto.

Use government programs

The Canadian government is aware that the cost of private healthcare is relatively high and they have gone ahead to create programs to help the citizens have access to quality and affordable medical services, including dental care. If you can get specific information on such programs, then you can find a couple of them that might look promising in helping you get affordable dentures.

The best source of information on such programs again should be your downtown Toronto dentist since they are always participants in such programs and will easily advise you on where to look. While you ask about government programs, also remember to ask about other organizations and private networks the doctor may know of and which may be of help in your case.