Root canal treatment becomes necessary when the pulp is infected or inflamed due to a crack in the tooth, bad crown or deep decay. If not treated at the right time, such an infection may become worse and may need further intervention, including the extraction of the entire tooth.

In the minds of millions of people, root canal treatment is such a scary experience due to various myths and the misinformation they may have been told. If you are experiencing any problems with your pulp and you are thinking about visiting a Downtown Toronto Dentist for treatment, we are here to help at Berkeley Dental. Here is a look at some of the myths surrounding root canals and the real truth behind them-:

Root canal treatment is painful

This is perhaps the biggest myth being peddled out there about root canal treatment. Root canal treatment is not painful at all. It is virtually pain-free. As a matter of fact, it helps to alleviate the pain from the pulp. The advancement in technology, equipment, and oral care techniques have helped to make these treatments as painless as it can possibly be.

It will need several visits to the dentists

Some people are also discouraged from visiting downtown Toronto dentists for root canal treatment because they heard that they will be making several visits to the dentist. To some, tooth extraction is viewed as a quicker solution than a root canal procedure. But this is not true at all. With an extraction, you will have to go through the full process of implant placement which might take a week. But with a root canal, you will need no more than three visits, usually less depending on the condition of the tooth.

A root canal procedure will “kill” the tooth

Root canal procedure is not designed to “kill”, remove or destroy the affected tooth. The main objective of the procedure is to bring to an end the infection or the inflammation occasioned at the section of the affected pulp. Consequently, the procedure will clean and disinfect the affected tooth so that it can end the pain to allow the tooth to heal properly.

Root canal treatment will cause other illnesses

It is not true that a root canal procedure will put you at a risk to become sick from other illnesses. This myth was as a result of a poorly designed and conducted study over a century ago. The aim of the procedure is to remove any bad bacteria in that section of the pulp and to prevent reinfection. The treatment is designed to fight infections and not increase or introduce more pathogens into the body.

Root canal treatments are usually not successful in the long run

Any downtown Toronto dentist will tell you that the success rate of root canal treatment is about 96% which is pretty high in the medical field considering all the factors involved in a typical treatment. This is not to claim that all root canal treatments must be successful in the long run, but if the tooth and gum region are kept clean and healthy and overall good oral hygiene is practices, then nothing will stop the treatment from being successful.